Reflect and Restart

Hey there, you badass, goal-crushing, overachieving, warrior souls..
Here we are at the very very tail-end of the year, stuffed with too much food, and not knowing what day of the week it is. Surely your otherwise well-intentioned cousin has asked you what your ‘New Years Resolution’ is, and you told them you don’t believe in them. Although true, you are now struck with a tinge of guilt because – heck – you DO have a long list of things you want to achieve. As always.
You have always taken pride in your thriving career, business and had BIG dreams. Dreams and plans galore actually!
But something has felt off lately… 
Let’s face it: 2018 was not THAT great.
And you know, with every ounce of your being, that you want your next year to be better than 2018.
I feel you.
So I have created a handy little (well, not that little) workbook to help you do some serious self-reflection on the year that just passed, and do some solid intention-setting for 2019.
Before we shove 2018 under the rug, lets take one last opportunity to think about the lessons learned, so we can make 2019 the BEST year yet.
And yes, this 8-page PDF workbook is completely free.
From me to you.
You deserve it.
Put your info below, hit SEND, and let’s do this.


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