Hi there! I’m glad you have stumbled across my corner of the web.

I’m Sabahat.

Instead of me waxing poetic you about why I love nerding out over all things leadership (which I do), and why I love coaching ambitious fierce people like yourself (which I also d0), let’s get to the point shall we? And since I love bullet points, here are 5 cool facts about me in bullet format:

  1. I wear an iron ring on my pinky finger – which in Canada is worn by all engineers! That’s right – I am an engineer, turned project manager, turned leadership coach.
  2. I developed a 4-step model for Self-Leadership which I am pretty proud of! This one little model is applicable to career growth, negotiation, life transformation, and so on! (Can you hear the excitement through all my exclamation points?)
  3. I am probably one of the weird ones, but I absolutely love public speaking! Which is probably what led me to see much success at Toastmasters, and prompted me to start my own Youtube channel.
  4. I can’t sit still for too long, whether that is geographically (I travel A LOT), or in my career (I never get complacent).
  5. I am immensely passionate about helping professionals take charge of their career and make the right moves. We are not in the business of complacency. We are in the business of making you the CEO of your career and life. Hate your job? I will be the first person to help you come up with a plan so you can jump ship. Want a promotion? I will strategize with you to go ASK for it. Want to ace a negotiation? You’re in luck because that is where I shine. Basically, corporate entities have resources galore. But if you want to play ball, who do you have in your corner?
  6. …Yes I said 5 facts, but another cool fact about me is that I don’t like arbitrary rules, not even the ones I set for myself (Have you taken the Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Four Tendencies’ quiz? I am a ‘Rebel’)

Did any of the above resonate with you? Think I can be your secret ally in your legendary career journey / transformation?

Great!┬áSend me an email or book a free call, and let’s get started.