Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions?

Great! Here are some commonly asked questions.


What kind of coaching are we doing here, Sabahat?

Great question!

I coach ambitious professionals take charge of their career and ‘become the CEOs of their lives’. I know the tagline sounds cheesy, but you get it! This means making your own strategic decisions for your career, map out your long-term vision, set your short-term goals. Just like a CEO would.

I call that ‘leadership coaching’, because to become a great leader of ANYBODY, we must learn to lead ourselves first.


And what is ‘self-leadership’?

It is the basis of all my coaching work!

Have you ever gone through a time in your life when you felt lost and directionless? Like other people were calling the shots, and you were simply trudging along with no real focus?

Didn’t feel too good, did it?

That is the OPPOSITE of self-leadership.

Self-leadership means being in control of your vision, your decisions and digging deep to find the confidence and courage required to follow through.

It encompasses self-awareness, alignment, focused action and accountability to really become the LEADER of your OWN life. Lead yourself FIRST, because then leading others become so much easier.


So are you like… a life coach?

Not exactly. Life coaches help you with personal issues like life transitions, relationships, parenting, confidence, self-esteem, etc – though some do specialize.

I mainly focus on helping you take charge of your CAREER.


What are your qualifications?

I am so glad you asked.

I am a Certified Executive Coach, and got my certification from Royal Roads University – a fantastic university in Vancouver Island, BC.

Not only that, I have some life/career experience to draw from. I have worked in key roles (project management, mostly) in high pressure, male-dominated environments where egos run rampant, so I have had to REALLY ramp up my leadership skills to set myself apart.

As a coach, I have worked with entrepreneurs, engineers, executives and students to help them strategize their next step of their career and business. Seeing them finally take the leap of faith, step outside their comfort zone and achieve a breakthrough is my favourite.


But I am not a leader! Can I still benefit from your coaching?

Listen up – EVERYONE is a leader. Of their own lives, their own careers, their own businesses.

When you put your hands up and say you’re not a leader, you are doing yourself a massive disservice. If you are not going to give direction and take charge of your own career, who will? Your dog sitter? Your boss? No and no.

You are in charge. The sooner you embrace that, the sooner will you be able to make fantastic things happen! So let’s get started!


So how does coaching work? Will you solve all my problems?

Coaching is a collaborative process. I will work WITH you to uncover blind spots, discover strengths, identify pitfalls, celebrate wins, and shift your perspective into more productive ways of thinking. I will strategize with you to fine-tune your world domination plan (or next career move), and map out your action steps to make it happen.

I will not solve your problems for you. Remember, YOU are in charge. Think of me as your trusty advisor and confidante.



This sounds really interesting! How do I find out more?

Awesome! I always offer free initial consultations to see if we will be a good fit. Book a call with me HERE.


My question isn’t listed here.

Aw, sorry about that. I try to read minds often, but don’t always succeed. Send me your question via email HERE.