What would it look like for you, if you could reach your biggest business goals in record time?

Do you have big business goals that you are trying to take action towards, but you are just not progressing? Are you having trouble prioritizing the next steps because there is simply SO MUCH information out there, that you just can’t decide WHAT to do? Do you keep having false starts that fall flat because you changed your mind again (for the 247th time)?

I understand you.

If you are looking to make a change, you are in the right place.

My name is Sabahat Naureen, and I am a leadership coach and consultant focused on helping business owners and executives take massive focused action towards their goals.

Do you know that hiring a coach can help you stay infinitely more focused, accountable, and motivated? Not to mention that they will help you recognize your blind spots, help you think more strategically and most importantly, MASSIVELY SHRINK the amount of time you will need to get to your goals.

How is that for return on investment?

Not only am I currently getting formally certified as an Executive Coach from one of the most well-regarded institutions in the country, I have years of experience in coaching, project management, engineering, public speaking, facilitation and teaching. When I work with you, I bring all my knowledge to the table, which we then use to take you from Point A to Point Z, in record time. Together, we will break thinking patterns, get you taking MASSIVE action, and move you towards clarity.

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