Have you heard the phrase “Quitting is for LOSERS!”, “Pain is temporary! Quitting is forever!”, or something along those lines?

Have you been made to feel like you have somehow become subject to an imaginary military lineup with a commander barking at you every time you even think about the very word ‘quitting’? You may have shaken off that familiar feeling of dread that you have been feeling going in to your job for the past few months, and told yourself “I am NOT a quitter! Can’t quit!”

But is quitting the only way to reach glory and triumph? No! Feel free to take off that imaginary military uniform and step away from that lineup of shame.

I am here to tell you that quitting is absolutely OKAY. Because WINNERS quit ALL THE TIME!

Baffled and intrigued? Watch my video below:

Quitting is OKAY!

Posted by Sabahat Naureen on Wednesday, 25 May 2016

When was the last time YOU quit something? Did it bring you shame or glory? Tell me in the comments below.

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